About us

About us

Graševina Croatica



Josip Pavić (Erdutski vinogradi d.o.o.)


Dino Galić (Kutjevo d.d.)
Renato Krčmar (Iločki podrumi d.d.)




Tomislav Panenić


Milan Štimac

Association Grasevina Croatica is the biggest winemaker association in Slavonia and Danube region that gathers most winegrowers and winemakers of Eastern Croatia. The main goal of association is the promotion of Grasevina, the most important Croatian wine (variety), but also promotion of all wines produced by our members. The association also promotes wine and tourist destination – Slavonia, Baranya and Croatian Danube region since all the wines present unique microlocation and terroir.

Grasevina Croatica supports and enhances regional wine development as one of the four major wine associations in Croatia and stakeholders in national wine strategy VINA CROATIA – VINA MOSAICA.

In the last few years the association participated in numerous events and projects of wine presentations where Grasevina was highlighted. Our future plans are aimed at closer integration of wine and tourism, at our region and our cellars, but also on the Adriatic Coast during summer season. As authenthic Croatian wine, Grasevina can be succesfully paired with local food for best and authentic tourist experience of our country and tradition.


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