Enjoy the wines of Slavonia and the Croatian Danube Region!

Slavonia and the Croatian Danube Region produce 48% of Croatian wine, offering an incredibly diverse selection of high-quality varieties and styles.

The exceptional synergy of climate, landscape, and soil determines that the wines grown in the region are both sophisticated and exciting. They have distinctive, unique fruity and floral aromas, elegantly balanced acidity, with purity and intensity of flavor that have earned the region a reputation as a top wine region.

The white varieties are dominated by Graševina, the most important premium grape variety in Croatia, which makes Slavonia and the Croatian Danube Region recognizable on the wine map. Graševina is not only important in terms of its representation, accounting for 40% of Croatian wine production, but also in terms of quality, as seen across a range of excellent wines, from sparkling, regular harvest, late harvest, all the way to predicate selection and ice wines.

Leading European and Croatian Traminacs, beloved among wine experts and audiences alike, also come from this region. Iločki Traminac has been included among the wines served at the English royal court and was served at the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to white wines, Slavonia and the Croatian Danube Region can boast a rich offering of premium red wines such as Frankovka, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Franca, and Merlot.

Whatever the preferences of wine enthusiasts may be, we are confident that Slavonia and the Croatian Danube Region will have a wine to suit their palates.

2024 | Graševina Croatica
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