MasterClass ‘Graševina – The Great White Wine of Croatia’ by Ivan Barbić MW

Graševina Croatica, Slavonia and Croatian Danube’s regional winegrowers’ association, is glad to present ‘Graševina – The Great White Wine of Croatia’ masterclass.

This event is the perfect opportunity to discover and taste the fantastic premium quality varieties of Graševina wines that Croatia has to offer and their incredible terroir. Wine expert Ivan Barbić (MW) will guide you through a selection of Slavonian and Croatian Danube wines, explaining their qualities and characteristics.

Ivan Barbić MW

Ivan Barbić MW was born in Zagreb, Croatia and grew up and completed his education in Switzerland. He has been working for almost twenty-five years in the wine business. First, in wine research at Agroscope in Wädenswil, then as sales manager for oenology products. After that he has worked as wine buyer for Coop, Head of the purchase department for Bataillard, Head of Product Management wine for Denner and now as strategic buyer for Bataillard. His independent activities include consulting for different wine producers in Switzerland, Spain and Croatia, acting as chairman of the Maître Conseil en Vins de France 2006 – 2008, and writing for magazines including Schweizerische Weinzeitung, Vinum and the Croatian food and wine magazine iće&piće. He is also Chairman of the jury for La Sélection in Basel.

Graševina wines

Graševina is Croatia’s the most planted variety where Slavonia and Croatian Danube region is almost a synonym for this variety, where Graševina shows the best results.
Graševina is an amazing variety that can produce superb and versatile wines, and it can give excellent sparkling wines, light and refreshing still wines, mature and more structured wines, then late harvests and selective harvests with noble rot, sweet dessert wines and finally some of the finest archival wines whose lifespan is measured in decades.
Majority of Graševinas are fresh wines characterized by fruity, mineral, and floral aromas. You will often recognize fresh apple, citrus and pear aromas on the nose and the palate. White flowers and grassy flavors are also typical. Sweeter aromas like hints of exotic fruits, cantaloupe, quince and honey are not unusual.
As it’s usually made into lighter bodied refreshing wines, and when it comes to food pairing, it is popular with lighter seafood-based dishes. However, more ample bodied wines allow for more adventurous pairings with dishes like chicken, pork, creamy pastas and risottos and a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.


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10-12 °C
Wine professionals (buyers, traders/wholesalers, distributors, wine experts, HoReCa, press, etc.) are invited to participate in the event.

We recommend early registration as spaces are limited and will be granted on a first come first served basis.

After a participant has been approved, we shall send a confirmation email with an invitation for joining the event.

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